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Shure 57 and 58 Microphones
Rode NT-1 Microphone
Aphex 108 2-Channel Compressor
  Roland Sound Expansion String Ensemble M-SE 1
Sony DTC-A6 DAT Machine
Tannoy Monitors
DSP 256XL Signal Processor
  K-4 Synthesizer
EMU Mo'Phatt Sound Module
Emagic Logic Audio Platinum
Kawai R-50 Drum Machine
Roland R-8 Drum Machine
Samson Servo 150 Amplifier
  Fostex D-80 Harddisk Recorder
Alesis Digital Effects Processor
Protools 5.0 Recording (Including the following plus-ins: Waves Super Tap,
D-Verb, Metric Halo Channel Strip, Digitech EQ's and Compressor/Limiters
  Mackie 32x4x2 Mixer
Notator Sequencer
Pod Line 6 Amp Emulator
Sound Forge XP and CD Architect Mastering Software
Sure Thing CD Labeler
Orb Castlewood Back-Up Media Caplabilites For Clients Storage of Projects